Girl’s Golf Season is in Full Swing

Our girl’s golf team’s season is in full swing, pun intended. I interviewed senior Madeline Eyre to get her take on the upcoming season. Madeline, who has also played volleyball and basketball, says golf is her favorite sport.

Both basketball and golf are coached by (in Madeline’s words) “the one and only Brady Welburn.” On having Coach Welburn as a coach for both basketball and golf, Madeline says “It’s kind of nice because he knows how I operate mentally, he knows what to tell me at certain times, like ‘don’t get frustrated.’ He knows me as an athlete better than others.”

That would certainly be handy, and Welburn’s coaching tactics seem to be working: Juab is ranked second in region, and Madeline is third as an individual, an amazing accomplishment for a first year golfer.

Although it is her first year, Madeline has been quick to pick a favorite club: it’s a hybrid. As for the ball, she says, “This is a tough one but it’s either a Bridgestone or a Calloway Chrome Soft.”

“I love golf so much, I get so pumped to go out there and play.” She says. Madeline believes people should join golf, pointing out that not only is it fun, it’s a sport that you can play your whole life.

The team has been competing since March 9th, and they have region on May 3rd, and then state May 12-13. There is a lot of excitement for region. Union is their biggest competition, but Madeline predicts they will take first or second. 

The girls have three more matches until their region tournament, and they are hard at work to prepare. Today, they are playing Union, so hopefully they get a feel for their region competition. Good luck to the girl’s golf team as they complete their season!