New High School and Mascot

Over the years the number of students in our highschool have increased, and the school district has decided that it is time once again to build and relocate the Juab High School building, along with that, we will be changing our mascot too. 

The new location is in between the Jr. High and the High School – construction has already been started, but to keep the news from reaching everyone to quickly until now everyone has been told it will be a sports center. The present building will be converted into a family fun center that includes go cart race track, mini golf, an arcade, etc. The name will be released soon. 

Having this building as a fun center will give students more things to do throughout the year. They can look forward to exciting afterschool activities there, and it will make as a great place to bring dates from dances to, so they don’t have to drive too far. 

Although we have loved this building and have made good memories in it, it is time to move on. Along with the new build, it has been decided that our mascot will also be changed from the wasp to, drum roll please, the Leprechaun! That name has been chosen because they are known for keeping golden treasures and we feel that it matches our school perfectly because we are golden!