Juab and Delta Make Under the Table Deal to Team Up Against North Sanpete, Assistant to the Assistant Principal Found to be Behind It

Pictured is our Assistant to the Assistant Principal, Jonathan Stone, standing by the door to his office.

Juab High School has had a long standing feud with North Sanpete High School. For years the tension between the two schools has been full of true anger. “They just always give off a bad vibe.” Samantha Vespa says. “And who has a hawk as a mascot? Like really? They couldn’t even go with an eagle?”

Ryan Bueto, a North Sanpete student, has similar feelings towards Juab. “They love making fun of our mascot, but theirs is literally an inch long.”

The rivalry has become problematic at times, but it usually is contained. This year though, The Clarion was told by an anonymous informer that an under the table deal has been in the works.

“Some people that have power at our school have started to grow concerned about North Sanpete,” Our informer said. “They made a drastic decision and reached out to Delta High School.”

Recently, Delta has started to become quite the rival to Juab too, though the hatred does not run nearly as deep. More importantly, Delta also has a problem with North Sanpete. Perhaps this is why Delta was chosen as an ally.

Our informer says the person who instigated this is none other than Jonathan Stone, our assistant to the assistant principal. Mr. Stone has worked here for 53 years, and many students don’t even realize he works here. 

“He’s kind of like a ghost. We don’t see him very often. He mostly spends time in the teacher’s lounge, running the laser tag game.” Mrs. Settle says. “His office is the door next to the elevator- you know, the one that is just kind of there.”

It was a struggle to track Mr. Stone down, but I managed to do it. I found him in the desk at the back of the little theater. Yes, I didn’t know it was there either.

I asked Mr. Stone why he felt the need to take action now. “I’ve been here for fifty-three years.” He says. “Throughout that time North Sanpete’s attitude has only gotten worse. And during the fifty-three years I have done many services to the school. After I convinced the janitors to turn the AC on full blast in the gym at all times, (except during games), I then made them turn the AC on only in certain rooms in the school. You’re welcome Juab! I am the reason the ednet rooms are always cold but Mrs. Lofthouse’s room is like being in the Sahara. I keep life exciting!”

He went on for a while but I finally managed to get this quote: “There are rumors that North Sanpete is upset with our success in sports this year and plan to retaliate. I came to the conclusion that the only thing to do was align ourselves with Delta and move against North Sanpete!”

I couldn’t get him to say who his Delta contact was, but he alluded to it being someone “really important.”

Mr. Stone also wouldn’t tell me what his plans against North Sanpete were, but our anonymous informer says it will involve “serious things.”

This is all under the table, so no one is sure how legal this is, or how it will work out. One thing is certain: North Sanpete and Juab could easily head to an all out war.