Juab Students Get To Participate In Region Festival

     This years’ Music Festival was going to be way different than years prior. We were going to have to make recordings of our songs instead of performing live. Personally I think this idea would have sucked. It is an amazing experience to be able to perform live for an audience and judges. 

     COVID has made our lives drastically different. We have had to change so many procedures in order to keep people safe from this virus. The music programs are severely lucky to be able to perform live this year! 

     I guess they had a change of heart and decided to let us perform live or maybe some COVID procedures have changed. Either way we are so ready and it makes getting prepared for the event that much better. It’s amazing to be able to get on the bus, get all ready, and perform. 

     I know not that many people know much about the music program here at Juab but I’m here to tell you that all the music programs work very hard. They work hard on their music everyday even when it gets hard. Being recognized for their work would truly help them.

     The music programs are very thankful that they do get to go to Region Festival and I know they won’t take it for granted. If you see anyone around please wish them luck at Region. Good luck Juab Orchestra, Band, and Choir!