6 Steps to Improve Your Writing

As a student in Juab High School, your google documents are probably full of old essays. Going back and reading them may make you cringe at how many words you misspelled, or maybe what you could have easily done better. 

So here is a compilation of some tips and tricks that may help you to improve your writing in the future, so that you can save your future self from that awful experience.

  1. Show don’t tell 

This one is pretty common among English teachers, but there is a reason! Instead of saying that Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man, instead show how he was great through showing us what he struggled with. This is a much more effective way to connect with your audience.

  1. Spell Check is your friend

Reading through your essay or story after you have finished can really help you keep the spelling and grammar in line. Having a friend to read through your essay is especially helpful. They can catch any mistakes that you miss. But Spell Check is easily the most accessible tool, so use it!

  1. Write what you know

If you are a basketball player and you are writing about dribbling and how effective practicing it can be, you will have a good essay. If you are a basketball player writing about how to properly groundstroke a ball on the tennis courts, you will seem uneducated. Learn what you need to know in order to write effectively.

  1. Practice makes perfect

I once had a teacher that made me write for 20 minutes at the beginning of each class. Although I hated it at the time, I kept at it. My writing improved. The most effective way to get better at writing is to write. That is simple math.

  1. Being Patient

Being patient with yourself has many benefits. If you give yourself the proper amount of time and effort, eventually you will get better at anything. If you are really wanting to get better at writing, give yourself the proper time.

  1. Don’t throw anything away

Finally, don’t throw anything away. You may be able to use it! Keeping your writing is a surefire way to track your progress. Plus if you need ideas, you can look to past writing for inspiration! Keeping your writing also gives you a portfolio that you can share with others. 

Have a nice day!