Juab Takes State in Basketball, Wrestling and Football

 Juab has done very well in sports this year. We have won a total of three state champions so far this year. We have won championships that we haven’t won in years and it is remarkable.

     The first team to win this year was Football. Juab has never won a championship in Football and this year they changed that. They played the Morgan Trojans and beat them 17-14. They came as runner up to them last year and came back and got their revenge. It was a very close battle but they played hard.

    The second team to win this year was Wrestling. Juab Wrestling has had numerous wins in which this is their fifth win in a row! This time they racked up a total of 301 points in state. No one even came close to that score. The closest to their score was Morgan with a total of 227 points. Juab Wrestling is amazing and we are hoping for another win next year. Let’s go Juab Wrestling!

    Finally, last week, Juab Basketball won the 3A Championship for the first time in 61 years. They played San Juan and beat them 54-50. It was a very close game but they played their butts off. The Seniors went above and beyond to lead their team to victory. 

     Wish all the spring sports good luck so we can get another State Championship this year. Good Job to all the sports that have won this year and good luck to next year.