Students Prepare for Wasp Madness

Juab Wasps have been buzzing about a new school tradition being implemented this year (no pun intended).  Named “Wasp Madness,” the SBO’s have been alluding for a few weeks to this new game. I sat down with our SBO president, Nate Saez, to get more details on the upcoming event. 

“We wanted to start something new this year, a tradition that we could do for years on, that could bring the school together more.” Nate says. “Especially in years like this, there’s nothing really going on, but we thought it would be fun if we had a Spirit Week where kids do challenges that keep them occupied.”

To participate in Wasp Madness, you must join a team that consists of members in your grade. There will be winners in every grade, as well as an overall winner. The overall winner receives season passes to Lagoon. “I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds freaking dope!” Nate comments. “That’s kinda going to come out of our budget, it’s going to hit us hard, but we’re doing it for you guys!”

There will be many different challenges, and each task will earn the team points. Nate says there are some “crazy” challenges. Since Officer Bell is deathly afraid of snakes, bringing him a rubber snake is one of them. (I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re planning on going to Youth Court any time soon). 

Another task will be running around the North Sanpete track decked out in Juab gear. Melea Ludlow, a competing sophomore, says that this is the challenge she is most excited about. Although Melea is looking forward to Wasp Madness, she says she draws the line at dyeing her hair.

Nate however, has no such qualms. He says he will do anything to make sure his team makes it through the finish line first. Jake Squire, a senior, says he will “do most things” to win, and says he draws the line “on the whiteboard.”

The process of choosing teams has been different for everyone, but both Melea and Jake were asked to join their respective teams. As a result, Jake doesn’t even know who he is competing with. To compensate, he is assuming he’s the strongest player on his team.

Wasp Madness will be fun for everyone, even the freshmen. Nate says, “We wanted to make it so everyone could do them. I know some freshmen have been thinking, ‘man, I don’t think I’ll be able to drive up to McDonald’s!’ (We have some things that have to with McDonald’s). But we have enough challenges on there that the freshmen can complete ones just at their house with all their team so they don’t have to drive anywhere.

Wasp Madness is going to be super fun! We want everyone to come out and compete because we want everyone to get involved!”

Wasp Madness promises a fun week full of unique challenges. Even if you don’t compete, it will be entertaining to watch classmates complete the tasks. So, prepare yourself for the madness!