Ask Hugo

Can you give me some tips, I’m stuck on hard mode on a hard level on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Please help me beat Lord Fredrik The Snowmad King!!,

Mr. Snowmad King!!, I’ve never played Donkey Kong at all so I don’t know if this advise will help but walk away for a bit and then come back and try when you’re minds fresh and clear you can always do better. – Hugo

My classmate has a huge ego. I cant stand him! But I’m trying to be a good person. Help! -Silently Frustrated

Silently Frustrated just walk away your not going to take what he has so just leave. – Hugo

Dear Hugo, I have a friend who constantly makes “your mom” jokes. How do i make him stop? -Your not Mom

Your not Mom, you can’t stop a kid that has a problem with wanting attention or is super defensive. – your friend Hugo

Dear Hugo, my glasses keep fogging up with my mask. You would think I wouldve figured it out by now! -Can’t See

Can’t See, A teacher one told me tape works really well another thing to do is put you glasses over your mask and down a little bit.

My dog killed my friend in Minecraft and he lost all of his stuff and now my friend is going to kill my other dogs. Please help! -Noobmaster69

Noobmaster69, he hit you dog he deserves to die. Make a base and make your dogs sit then leave the base let him cool off and then get your dogs. If he kills one there’s always the other dogs.