Stuck in the Winter Blahs?

Everyone knows about the winter blahs. The minute the skies go grey and the wind blows cold, everything gets more dreary. For a lot of people the winter season puts them in a funk, almost as if the weather makes them want to sleep the season away. Winter affects everyone, however it affects some more than others. 

“Winter is definitely not my favorite,” eleventh grader Charity Hammond states, “but hot chocolate and thinking about summer keeps me going through the cold, snowy weather.” There are always ways to combat the blues, such as staying warm, doing winter activities, getting plenty of exercise and more!

Keeping yourself busy and active during the harsh winter months can help when you’re feeling blue. You can go sledding with some family and friends, choosing to have fun in the snow instead of feeling down about it. Alternatively you could snuggle up in your warmest blanket and watch some Christmas classics, ignoring the bite of winter wind outside. The possibilities are endless.

Next time you’re feeling down about the cold go and do something about it. You might be surprised at how little things can help you feel big changes. As they say ‘tis the season to be jolly, so be jolly! Spring will blossom sooner than later, after all.