Views on Valentine’s

As Valent. . . excuse me, as Singles Awareness Day approaches, our Clarion staff took to the hallways and classrooms of the school to find out how Juab feels about this “romantic” occasion. We asked questions ranging from their celebrity valentine to their current plans.

Tate Halvorsen (9): My Valentine’s plans are to hang out with my guy friends.

Daphne Bowles (10-right): My typical Valentine’s Day is spent eating chocolate. My ideal Valentine’s Day would be hanging out with my friends.

Sebastian Padilla (9): My ideal Valentine’s Day would be not spending it alone. My typical Valentine’s is spent alone.

Quinn Belknap (10): My celebrity valentine is your mom.

Ambree Nielsen (10-left): I like Valentine’s Day because it’s the only day my parents will buy me chocolate strawberries. My ideal Valentine’s would be eating these with my mom.

Mr. Fowkes: My celebrity valentine is Mary Stuart Masterson from A Bed of Roses. Or Celine Dion. Or Beyonce.

Zach Saez (9): My Valentine’s Day plans? Don’t worry about it.

Daniel Henry (11): I think Valentine’s Day is a good idea because we get to have chocolate.

Jacob Hanks (10): I think Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday. I usually participate in the school’s activities that day because I’m single.

Paige Ziolkowski (10): I like Valentine’s Day because of the decor and the food. I usually hang out with my family and eat chocolate, but my ideal Valentine’s would be a fancy dinner.

Porter Bowles (11): “How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?” Team Snapchat has me covered.

Mr. Swensen: I usually spend Valentine’s Day at home watching the Australian Open tennis tournament.