NHS Partners With Snow College For Fabric Drive

The National Honor Society, or NHS, is known for their frequent charitable drives. Last year they successfully collected shoes, and had plans for a glasses drive. (COVID-19 impeded the progress of the latter.) This year, NHS is teaming up with Snow College to collect fabric.

Sara Winn, president of NHS says,  “I’m coordinating with a student who’s part of the Leadership Business Program from Snow College. She contacted us to see if we wanted to participate in [the drive].  I’m coordinating with our Sterling Scholars and because this is a business fundraiser for Snow College, they’ve asked that I get in contact with the FBLA here.” Sara’s point of contact is Kenni Jones, a recent alumni of Juab High School. 

Kenni was an active member of the FBLA club in high school, and she has continued to participate in business in her higher education. A member of Snow College’s Business Club, Kenni reached out to Sara for help with the fabric drive. 

Sara has taken on this project with enthusiasm. She’s coordinating the event, heading a committee of students, finding places to collect the fabric, and making sure it can be delivered to Snow College on time. The Snow College representatives will be making the fabric into blankets and quilts that will be donated to the Snow College Wellness Center.

Totes will be set up around the school, and any kind of fabric is welcome, even small pieces that can be used for quilt blocks. You can donate all the way until February 5th!

Some aspects of the drive are still being sorted out, but overall it is looking very promising. The best part for Sara is knowing where the fabric will be going.

The fabric will be turned into blankets and quilts, which will go to people in need. “We don’t really think about the importance of blankets and warmth and stuff like that, but to people who are struggling and people who are in need something like that can really make a difference.” Sara says. “It’s a little thing to help people out, and I know we don’t always think that it will make a huge difference, but… it’s by small efforts that we’re able to accomplish greater changes.”