Provita Preparing for Region

There is no doubt that the Juab’s Drill Team, “Provita”, is one of the best drill teams in the state. This upcoming weekend, drill will be attending their region competition.  For those who are not familiar with how a drill competition works, it is an all day event. Different drill teams compete in several different categories. At the end of the day, winners are announced. Provita has already won two competitions this season.

Madison Woodland, Provita President, describes her drill experience as a time to make lifelong friendships. “ Provita means, for life, so we consider each other teammates and friends long after graduation” Madison Woodland (12).

Covid has definitely impacted the way the drill team competes and practices. They are required to wear masks at all times, except when they are dancing. The team tries their best to abide by the social distancing rules.

Savannah Rasch (10)  says she prepares for competition by listening to some pump-up music and doing a little hand shake with her teammates. We send our best wishes to the Drill team Good luck as they head to region.