Writing Club

One thing some people are peeved about during this time is that you can’t gather more than ten people together. This means extracurricular activities are shut down or postponed. But this is why the internet is found to be so useful right now. If you can’t gather online, where else are you supposed to go?

Ali Jacobsen has created an online google slide where writers and artists can come together and share their work. Anyone can join, whether they just want to hang out there and check out what others have done, or if they want to claim their own slide to put their own work on. Here’s how it works.

If you want to join go to Writing Club. Once you have it, request access and we will try and get it accepted ASAP. When you’re there, enjoy what others have put on or create a slide of your own to showcase your work!

If you are found tampering with other’s slides however, we will be forced to kick you from the slides. This is for enjoyment while we’re stuck without coming together in person, so Please don’t ruin other people’s stuff.  

All in all, enjoy what you can during these times, and what better way than joining together with personal works you want to share! If you want ideas, or helpful criticism, you can find prompts on this slide as well. Enjoy!