Gaming club

Most gamers have been asking this question when will gaming club be back on? Well… I’ve interviewed one of the two guys involved in gaming club. Mr.Clark

Ep: People have been asking why we haven’t started up gaming club?

Mr.Clark said: “Mr. Childers schedule has been really busy along with my schedule as well.”

Ep: If all the other after school activities are open why can’t gaming club also be open?

Mr.Clark said:”It comes down to not having everything prepared like we want it to.”

Ep: Last year you guys said that gaming club would be better. What would you say to this comment?

Mr.Clark said: “We have plans to make changes. But we have to figure everything out before we start it.”

Ep: lf you started up the club again who would be in charge ?

Mr.Clark said: “Mr.Childers would be the lead but we work together.”