Art Club

Some may say that school is kind of useless and boring. But there are a few things that make it not totally miserable. Some people like sports, others like music, or drama. One of the favorites is Art Club, run by Kristy Carter. Responsible for beautiful pieces of art, amazing contests, and set pieces for drama and their performances. 

        Pumpkin decorating is a pastime loved by many. However, the contest going on in Juab High school has nothing to do with gutting and carving pumpkins. It’s all just brushes and colors! The Halloween painting contest was a huge success this year. Coming in first place with a golden pumpkin decorated with spiders was Evelyn Roundy. Second place was Rachel Echols, and third was Britain Langford. Some honorable mentions are Jaida Sperry, Kenadie Deeben, and Rebekah Thorn. 

        But pumpkins aren’t the only big news. Kristy Carter has promised a Christmas project for the coming season. Even though the club can’t meet in person, Mrs. Carter has plenty of materials for you to keep making art. Join whenever you can! Even if you can’t be there in person. For more information on the Art Club that isn’t really a club anymore, contact Evelyn Roundy, who is heading off the season for us.