Questions for Hugo

Hugo, there is a website out there that writes papers for you without plagiarism. What is the website I can’t find it asking for a friend. Thanks —null

Dear, null—

I only know of the school newspaper which is my class Journalism. The website is the only one I know of.

Dear Hugo, I am in love with ******* *******. I don’t know how to get him to notice me. Do you have any ideas? I’m just a little freshman. – Lost and in Love

Lost and in Love

I’ve had to remove the name for safety reasons. Be yourself and don’t cling guys don’t like when a girl clings to them. If you really like him tell him. Pull him away and be serious don’t just say it like it’s a joke.

Dear Hugo, I think ***** is SO HOT. What do I do? – Puppy Love

Dear, Puppy Love

Do you #1 like him or do you #2 just like his appearance? If one then see if he likes you back. If two then compliment him.

Hey everyone I moved the box near the gym to the office for safety reasons (people opening the box and taking you’re notes out.) Only the Clarion staff can open those boxes. Pleases respect them(the boxes.)

Also if you don’t want people to see you put a note in the box or want to now you’re note is safe then you can ask your question on this form.