Quarantine, it sucks, everyone can agree. However, we are getting through it. We at the newspaper wanted to know exactly what students thought about quarantine. So I took the liberty of asking some of our students about exactly what they think about this pandemic.

One student said “That they would rather be doing online school.” Another student had this to say, “The quarantine and mask regulations suck and are pointless.” Although I had quite a lot of disapproving thoughts of quarantine I did get some students who didn’t care about quarantine as it doesn’t bother them. Not just students have to deal with quarantine. Mr. Fowkes is stuck teaching at home because of this virus. Mr. Fowkes was placed in quarantine because of contact tracing and had to teach from home for over a week.

My personal opinion? I wish I didn’t have to wear masks, but it’s not the end of the world. We will get through this as a community.