TOP 10- Halloween Candy Favorites


10.  Hershey’s bar

Hershey’s is one of the largest candy manufacturers in the world. The original Hershey’s bar was created in 1900. This chocolate bar is beloved by most because of it’s simply sweet goodness. It is no surprise that this candy made it on the list.

9. Skittles

Skittles originated in Britain in 1974. These chewy treats come in so many different colors. Skittles are sold in nearly 60 countries all over the world. Did you know that even though Skittles smell different, they all taste the same!

8. Sour Patch Kids

This sweet and sour candy was first introduced in 1985. Before they were called “Sour Patch Kids”, they were called “ Sour patch Martians.” The Sour part of the candy is activated by your tongue.

7. Butterfinger

Invented in 1923 ,the Butterfinger is the only candy bar that has its very own warning “Nobody better lay a finger in my Butterfinger”.This delectable candy makes nearly 124 million a year. 

6.  Nerds

Nerds were created by the world famous Willy Wonka factory. They were first introduced in 1983.these rock like candies are purely made of sugar and dyes. No matter what the ingredients are,  Nerds are a very popular candy.

5.  M&M’s

In 1941, this candy covered chocolates became a national phenomenon. The original colors of M&M’s were yellow, red, violet, green, and brown. Since then, M&M’s are available in 24 different colors.

4.  Kit-Kat

The name for this chocolatey goodness originated all the way back in the 17th Century.  Kit-Kats were originally a box of chocolates. Kit-Kats are made by two different companies, Hersheys and Nestle.

3. Twix

The Twix bar is made from two words, Twin and Bix. Bix is a british name for Biscuits. The Mars candy company was the company responsible for this delicious treat. Are you a left twix or a right twix?

2. Snickers

Since 2004, Snickers alone have made 2 billion dollars in global sales. Every snickers bar has a peanut limit. Every regular bar contains 16 peanuts. Snickers are the best selling candy in the world next to Reese’s.

1.Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

The moment we have all been waiting for! Reese’s were first invented in 1928. Since then, Reese’s have made 2 billion dollars in annual sales. On Halloween, finding a Reese’s in your pillow case was the most exhilarating feeling.