Is Halloween a Trick or Treat?

This year hasn’t been the greatest so far but, who’s going to let it stop them? Over 70% of moms are still planning Halloween parties or are getting together like nothing happened. but 80% of families have trick or treat at the top of list. If you’re part of that 80% get some candy and put it on the porch or answer the door every time a kid wants candy. (add some more tips, like if you’re sending your kids out make sure they wear their masks! or have sanitizer for trick or treaters)

The majority of towns are still going to do halloween but there are a few towns that will not have halloween this year. A couple town wants the kids to be wearing masks under their halloween masks other towns suggest to wear masks if you don’t already have a mask covering the mouth and nose.

There might not be as many kids on the streets but, there will be some and they will want some sweets. Masks are suggested when asking (Trick or Treat?) and be prepared to see a lot of doctors that night. Have fun on Halloween, be safe, and wear a mask.