Application Week

Seniors know all too well the pain and stress that applying for colleges can cause. Thankfully, this week it will all be a little easier. Monday night is FASFA night, which means if you and your parents come to the school 6-8, you can get help filling out your FASFA. This also automatically enters you to win a $500 scholarship. Snow College and USU will be here on Monday as well as Dixie on Tuesday. Additionally, check your canvas notifications to see what the counselors have sent out, including application and scholarship information for Snow College, UVU, and SUU. 

Many scholarships are on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to apply as quickly as possible! If you’re worried about your ACT scores, most colleges are making test scores optional this year. For the most part, they will look at your transcript and GPA. Applying to a variety of colleges is very important, as it keeps doors open. Take advantage of this week and get applying!