Girl’s Tennis Team at State

The Girls Tennis team has had a rough year, with a majority of their matches lost. However, since six out of seven of the Varsity team last year were seniors, many girls of the team have referred to this past season as a ‘building year’. And this is true. We have a lot of potential in the Girls team, so cheer on the Freshmen and Sophomores that are building up the team and participating in the events. Many of them will play for our school in the years to come.

State Tennis this year, like every other year, was held at the Liberty Park tennis courts in Salt Lake City.  Emmalee Wilmore and Hannah Echols, our two representatives who qualified for state, practiced hard in the week leading up to State. They were looking for individual success, as team rankings are almost impossible without more members in the tournament.  However, they were both knocked out in the first round. We are proud of them and their efforts, and look forward to a possibly much better season next year.

It goes without saying that this years’ Tennis team has really put the pedal to the medal. With a majority of the team being new, we hope that the Girls can rise up and really accomplish something great in the years to come. With our two great, amiable, and resolved coaches, John Wilmore, and Andy Williams, the Girls Tennis team will really come to be one for the books.

Go, fight, win Juab!