Hugo’s Advice – September 2020

Dear Hugo, How do I get out of the friendzone? Sincerely, Friendzoned.

Dear Friendzoned,

What you asked is a little tricky because it depends on how close you are with that friend. Whatever relationship you’re in, think before looking further down. Do you want to take a chance or not? My first tip is to get stuck in their head. Not in a bad way- I mean smiling at them and waving when you see them. Make small touches like “accidentally brush your fingers against theirs.” When grabbing something from them, linger for a little but not for too long. Small, subtle things like this. Look them straight in the eyes and then turn away. Being in big groups helps you always be yourself and just hangout. If this doesn’t work then maybe they just see you as a friend and no one can change that, but there are other people out there for you!

Sincerely, Hugo 


Hugo,Why are boys stupid?? -Miss Questionnaire

Miss Questionnaire?

I don’t know if you are a boy or girl, but this sounds like a girl’s question. Boys aren’t stupid they are just living life out to the fullest before they have to grow up. 

Sincerely, Hugo


Hugo, Who are you?

I’m a person. I’m in Journalism. I speak my mind, and that is why I’m Hugo. You can think of me as a summer breeze. I’m fun and relaxing. That’s who I am- just an average person sharing my points in life.

Sincerely, Hugo