Counselor Office

Welcome students of Juab Highschool! We from the Clarion are excited to be bringing it back for this school year and hopefully for good. When I was asked to speak to the counselors office and main office on our behalf they had some advice and or friendly reminders for you guys.
First off, when speaking to the Vice Principal he had commented on how good we are doing with keeping the masks on our faces. That includes that pesky nose that peeks out every chance it gets. It’s important to wear the masks because it protects ourselves and others and I know we all dislike them but by wearing them we are doing our school and faculty a massive favor.
Secondly our counselor had some things to say to our students. He wanted me to remind you that you have all of your fourth quarter from last year turned in so you can get your full credit.
Lastly, if you received a canvas invite to the counseling office it’s not a graded class it’s here to help us. That’s all I have for you today from the Clarion.