Taylor Johnson

Hi! I’m Taylor Johnson. I really enjoy music. Ever since I was younger I’ve always loved to sing and listen to music. I started playing the viola in 7th grade and I have been playing ever since. I enjoy being a part of a team so I play Volleyball. Joining a sport has made me far more outgoing and I think people can definitely see that now. I also really enjoy food and my serving job! I love making people laugh, so if I make a stupid joke you know why. I love showing love and making sure people know I care about them. I also really like expressing my ideas because I’m a pretty opinionated person. I love writing because it’s a good way to get your feelings down and share it with others without having to say a word. Writing is a fun way to share ideas and express how you feel about a topic; that’s why I decided to join the newspaper staff. I am an Assistant Editor and Main Editor of our Arts and Clubs Section.