Eden Powers

Hello, Eden. Eden Powers Shes in the newspaper. She’s in journalism because they enjoy writing. They read novels or mangas on apps like webtoons or online. They enjoy playing games on their laptop. If she could define herself She’d  say…. She’s  a total geek (not nerd). She’s shy unless you know her. She’s a spitfire sometimes. She ride her bike around the back of town. Her favorite sport is pickleball. She’s the second oldest in her family. She has an older sister, a younger brother and a younger sister. Her mom named them all with E’s so it Eve, Eden, Ezra, and Eliza. She would consider herself as a middle child. Ooo she also has pets. A have a bearded dragon named Dude ,her mom’s got a turtle named Tucker, and 2 cats Drágon (DrA-gone)it’s a Sirbian name and Anya, two dogs Tessa and frankensence along with 2 bunnies Sylvia and buttercup.