Eden Powers

Hello, I’m Eden. Eden Powers I’m in the newspaper. I’m in journalism because I enjoy writing. I read novels or mangas on apps like webtoons or mangatoons. I enjoy playing games on my laptop. If I could define myself I’d say…. I’m a total geek (not nerd). I’m shy unless you know me. I’m a spitfire sometimes. I ride my bike around the back of town. My favorite sport is pickleball. Which is weird’ cause I dislike sports, never grew up with them so I never cared about them. I’m the second oldest in my family. I have an older sister, a younger brother and a younger sister. My mom named us all with E’s so it Eve, Eden, Ezra, and Eliza. I would consider myself as a middle child. Ooo I also have pets. I have a bearded dragon named Dude (I named him because my mom wanted to call him fathead. I mean c’mon) my mom’s turtle Tucker, and my boy cat Drágon (DrA-gone)it’s a Sirbian name.