Ask Hugo

Your Clarion

September 15, 2020


First, this is the clarion of 2020!

Hello Juab high. There was once an advice column in the newspaper, it was called Mr.  and Miss X. Mr. and Miss X were in the back pages you had to search through the whole paper to find these guys! Mr. and Miss X were two people so you’d have two pieces of advice to go off of. Here are some examples.

Later on they changed the name to Mr. and Mrs. X. Why did they choose Mr. and Mrs. X? I don’t know exactly why but my guess is because X is unknown. The Mr. and Mrs. A dude and a bird, sharing their advice. A female’s mind versus a male’s mind. I tried researching but I couldn’t find anything more about them cause they were a secret. I don’t know when they started writing , but they stopped giving advice on February 22, 2011 as Mr. and Mrs. X. 

We at The Clarion are bringing it back! We want to hear what people need help with or what questions they are questioning. We, The Juab clarion of 2020 have decided to open the advice column once again. The pen name is now ….Hugo. Why Hugo? In German, Hugo means mind. It is the voice that whispers to your subconscious. When you don’t know what to do, Hugo will be there for you to ask. I’ve set up a Google form online if you don’t want to write on paper. Or,  if you would like to write on paper you can drop it in one of the three boxes around campus . Here’s the form.

From Hugo.💭📝👁‍🗨