Boys Golf

Breanne Gardiner

Boys Golf is one of the many sports here at Juab High. 2020’s golf season started just before school, and now their season is coming to an end but they have found much success! This year the players have worked very hard to gain their spot! The number one boys golf player is Jalal Khan. With the region tournament coming up, Coaches Wallace and Lunt are holding practices 3 days a week for 2- 2 ½ hours a day to get everyone in shape. 

This year the team is made up of 18 people: Jalal Khan, Brax Larson, Conner Hooper, Mckane Tolley, Trey Lund, Jimmy Rosenbeck, Kauner Kay, Kaysen Keyte, Taylor Nelson, Bridger Buck, Houston Lunt, Brodie Ostler, Boden Barrett, Madox Whiting, Weston Bosh, Zack Saez, Chase Hills, Jake Elbert. Good luck boys golf at your tournament!