The Juab Volleyball Program has changed a lot over the past few years. They have had a lot of changes in coaches and the way that they have been taught. It has been a rough few years but they have all stuck it out. 

They are working on being more determined instead of being defeated. They are also working on having a playing mindset and a thinking mindset at the right moments, which will further help them win games. Many people have noticed the overall attitude change of the volleyball team. Many coaches from other schools and parents have noticed that the team is playing better than they ever have before.

There are a lot of good things to come to the Volleyball Program this year. Cheering them on really helps them to play better so come out and support them. Check out the volleyball Instagram page to see what they are up to and when the games are @juabvolleyball

JV/Varsity Players: Ashlyn Park, Emily Peterson, Madeline Eyre, Kate Reynolds, Taylor Johnson, Haley Bronson, Tyree Coombs, Kaysee Flanders, Maison Heap, Taryn Anderson, Kayla Allred, Sierra Greenhalgh,Brooklyn Thompson, McCall Crippen and Avia Stowell. 
Freshmen/Sophomore players: Tessaundra Astle, Maddy Wall, Rebekah Thorn, McKenzie Chappell, Aubrey Spencer, Taigelee Allred, Ava Cuff, Kyrie Ballow, Brinly Ludlow, Saige Gould, Brooke Webster, Rylee Sperry, Reagan Lynn, Emmy Lovell, Allyse Reynolds, Brynlie Bergstrom, Madison Carle